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We’re experts in the field of security – but we’re also experts in the field of insurance. Our Senior Vice President Dave Gilligan spent more than 45 years as an Insurance industry senior executive, working with and advising national and international organizations such as Geico, General Electric, Chubb, American International Group, Zurich Insurance Company, and Lloyds of London. We work together with insurers to review client operations in order to truly fine-tune your offering, resulting in a safer environment while establishing realistic and fair rates for your customers.

Dave Gilligan.

Senior V.P, Marketing Director

"Having a 1st Watch Global Assessment can be the difference between a profit or a loss.”
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Full Scope Vulnerability Surveys.

Working in partnership with you, we rigorously scrutinize every aspect of your clients’ day-to-day operations. We then stress-test their business against our specialist knowledge of criminal tactics. Our expertise encompasses the constantly evolving tactics of both organized syndicates and ‘lone’ assailants, such as cyber intrusion, or physical/armed attack. We carefully identify areas of your client’s operations that may be vulnerable to these threats, exposing their business to harm or disruption.

Address and Correct.

We then issue a detailed report of our findings – and, vitally, our tailored recommendations for correction. This report will outline the exact nature of any vulnerability matched against our realistic and achievable remedies. It is key that we offer bespoke solutions to each client based on their identified vulnerabilities and their available resources and budget as well as the nature of their business.

Specialized Training.

Following our review and feedback, we work directly with your client to remedy specific vulnerabilities through in-depth, customized training. Our Subject Matter Experts (or, in some instances, trusted affiliates) guide your client in making the required corrections with specialist advice, empowering and enabling them to strengthen their security posture and become a more secure organization.

Dave Gilligan.

Senior V.P, Marketing Director

"Having a 1st Watch Global Assessment can be the difference between a profit or a loss.”
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The Benefits To You.

As experts, we understand the cost of crisis events in their many guises. The devastating and incalculable cost of injury and loss of life with the inevitable impact on workforce morale is unquestionably our first concern – but we know there are wider repercussions.

01. Client Benefits

From a purely business standpoint, in the case of an attack, the damage to a brand or company reputation can often be irrecoverable. Significantly mitigating and, where possible, eliminating these risks is the reason for the existence of 1st Watch Global; the protection of life and business is the heartbeat of our organization.

02. Insurer Benefits

We also understand the cost to the insurer. We understand that these catastrophic events can be hugely expensive to settle or litigate. By utilizing the services of our professionals from the outset, you can refine your underwriting to the finest degree of accuracy.

03. Everyone Benefits

With 1st Watch Global, you can establish a more comprehensive portfolio than your competitors, offer the most rational rates to your clients, and encourage your clients to take actions to increase the odds of saving lives.

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